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The barrel has a wide range of uses. You can use it to compost organics into dirt, transform one fluid into another, transform a fluid into a block with an item, and spawn mobs. When in the rain, the barrel will collect water.

Wood barrels cannot accept hot fluids. Stone barrels can accept hot fluids. Water has a temperature of 300. Anything over 433 will not go into a wood barrel.


Right click the barrel to get a block out of the barrel. Right click the barrel with a bucket to add or remove a fluid.


Once a compost item is in the barrel, it cannot be removed. A barrel will void any fluid in it when it is broken.


  • 6x Wood Plank (Any)
  • 1x Wood Slab (Any)

  • 6x Stone
  • 1x Stone Stab

Fluid Transformation

The combination of some fluids and blocks will interact and transform the fluid in the barrel. The barrel must be full of the input fluid and the block placed directly below the full barrel.

Result FluidInput FluidBlock
Sea WaterWaterSand

Fluid Block Transformation

When certain blocks or items are right clicked on a full barrel, the fluid will transform into a solid block consuming the block or item.

Result BlockInput FluidInput Item
Brain CoralSea WaterBrain Coral Seed
Brain Coral Wall FanSea WaterBrain Coral Fan
Bubble CoralSea WaterBubble Coral Seed
Bubble Coral Wall FanSea WaterBubble Coral Fan
End StoneLavaGlowstone Dust
Fire CoralSea WaterFire Coral Seed
Fire Coral Wall FanSea WaterFire Coral Fan
Horn CoralSea WaterHorn Coral Seed
Horn Coral Wall FanSea WaterHorn Coral Fan
NetherrackLavaRedstone Dust
SlimeWitchwaterRed or Brown Mushroom
Soul SandWitchwaterSand
Tube CoralSea WaterTube Coral Seed
Tube Coral Wall FanSea WaterTube Coral Fan

Fluid On Top

Filling the barrel with a fluid and placing another fluid in the block space above the barrel will result in the fluid in the barrel becoming solid.

Result BlockFluid In BarrelFluid On Top

Mob Spawning

Mobs can be spawned from the barrel by filling it with a specific fluid and right clicking the appropriate doll onto the barrel.


BeeBuzzing DollWitchwater
BlazeBlazing DollLava
EndermanCreeping DollWitchwater
GuardianProtecting DollWater
ShulkerFloating DollWitchwater

Compostable Blocks and Items

The following are items and blocks that can be composted. A barrel begins composting when it reaches a solid amount of 1000.

All SaplingsSugar CaneBreadMushrooms
All LeavesTall GrassSpider EyePumpkin Pie
All FlowersVineRotten FleshSilkworm
All FishLily PadStringCooked Silkworm
All Cooked MeatPoisonous PotatoEggsApple
All Uncooked MeatBaked PotatoNether WartMellon Slice
All SeedsCactusPotatoMellon
CarrotCarved Pumpkin